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Welcome to Fantasy Sports Resource! You’re likely just hearing about this site right now, but believe it or not, it’s been in the works since 1996 or so. I had started playing fantasy baseball a few years earlier and was fanatical about it. I read every book and magazine, but that wasn’t much at the time. Then the internet became an actual thing and I discovered sites like Creative Sports and a few others that fed my addiction.

Being a baseball fanatic, I also discovered a site called John Skilton’s Baseball Links. It claimed to be the largest directory of baseball-related sites in the world and I have no doubt that it was. Anyway, that got me to thinking about trying to create the equivalent site for fantasy baseball.

I learned some basic HTML but mostly used Netscape Composer to create some very basic pages with nothing but links on them. I think the first name I dreamt up was At Home Plate or something like that. Anyway, I built the entire site on my local computer and even got parts of it up some free hosting site. May have been Geocities, but I’m not sure. By that time I had added a WebTV to my programming arsenal… You can imagine how that went.

I never really got the full idea live and I went into the United States Army in 1998. I continued playing fantasy sports but didn’t pursue my idea any further. At some point after that, I did come across a site called Fantasy Baseball Hub. It was almost exactly what I had done on my Netscape Composer and was a secret weapon of mine for a long time.

Later on, Fantasy Rundown came along and streamlined some of the same ideas I’d toyed with, and it’s still a monster in the fantasy industry. Gunner has created an icon within the fantasy sports world and I hope this site can help half the people he has.

I did revisit my idea for a bit in 2012 with a site called MyFantasyLinks.com. I got it up to 100,000 page views in March, but The Fantasy Sports Network came calling and I sold out and moved my ideas there. My ideas got buried pretty quickly there as they focused on video and have now turned to mostly gambling.

My vision of Fantasy Sports Resource is still pretty close to what I held in 1996. If there’s good fantasy content anywhere out there, I want to make sure you know about it. Ideally, this site will be your first stop when you’re wanting to “waste” some time on fantasy sports.

It’s a big vision and to pull it off I’ll need lots of help from the fantasy community at large. If you have an idea or know of a site we don’t link to, please use our Link Submission page to let me know about it.

Thanks for reading this marathon of an about page. I hope you enjoy what this site will become!

Doug “RotoDaddy” Anderson


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