Top Excel Tools for Fantasy Baseball

FSR runs down the top free and premium excel tools that make you the expert and take your fantasy baseball game to the next level.

Most people start out in fantasy baseball pouring over the stats and reading everything they can. It’s a good start. What’s the next step in your progression? You’ve got to take those stats and information and put them into play on your own. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of Microsoft Excel. All of the excel tools linked below can be of tremendous use in fantasy baseball. Some are full-blown draft tools that don’t require you to be an excel guru. Others will help you become that guru and allow you to create your own tools. In the end, if you want to be your own fantasy baseball expert, this can be a good starting point.

Excel Tools for Fantasy Baseball

  • Fantasy Baseball Auction Master: This is my baby here. It’s an auction tracking tool that helps you stay on top of the salary and player needs for all teams in your league. It can handle up to 15 teams, and without bragging, I think it presents the information you need during an auction better than any of the excel tools I’ve seen out there. It’s completely free right now. I may add some projections and values at some point and offer a premium version. The link above will take you to the file in my DropBox where you can download the file to your computer.
  • Automated SGP Rankings and Dollar Values $: SmartFantasy has a ton of tools, some are free, but this one costs a bit. It’s worth it. This tool lets you import most any set of projections or even create your own and it provides rankings and auction values using just about any set of categories you like. It’s one of the most advanced excel tools I’ve ever seen and you can navigate through it pretty easily if you’re the least bit functional with excel.
  • Player ID Map: Another one from! This one is free and if you import data from multiple sources this one is a huge addition. Basically, it helps match up the player IDs from FanGraphs, Baseball Reference,, and a few other sites so that you can work with that data across sites.
  • Projection Aggregator $: The Projection Aggregator is an Excel template that will help you to easily combine and average up to three different projection sets into one more accurate set of projections.
  • SGP Slope Calculator: Enter your league’s standing history into this Excel file and it will calculate the SGP factors (denominators) specifically based on that league history. The SGP factors can then be used to calculate rankings auction values customized to your league.
  • Excel Cheat Sheets by Mr. Cheatsheet: Calling these cheat sheets really does not do them justice. They can be customized for your league, track everything you need in your auction or draft, and offer suggested values. Mr. Cheatsheet pulls in projections from Steam, FanGraphs, and Clay Davenport and allows you to choose which set or sets to use. It incorporates ADP date from all the top draft sites. He has cheat sheets for snake drafts, auctions, and points league drafts.
  • TG Fantasy Baseball Draft Day Spreadsheet $: Their fantasy baseball draft worksheet uses Excel to create a comprehensive, powerful draft board & cheatsheet. Don’t worry about keeping track of anything in the auction draft board and our standard draft board – they do it for you! For fantasy baseball auction drafts, they even have auction values that are updated throughout the draft or auction!!!
  • Fantasy Baseball Draft Tool $: These are the guys behind the TG Fantasy Baseball Draft Day Spreadsheet, so I’m assuming the products are the same or very similar. Both handle drafts and auctions and track everything along the way.
  • Draft Buddy $: Draft Buddy creates cheatsheets customized to your fantasy baseball league rules and scoring. Draft Buddy also tracks your fantasy drafts or auctions to help you make the best draft-day decisions. Draft Buddy is about as complete and comprehensive as I can imagine any of these excel tools could be.
  • Razzball Fantasy Baseball War Room – In their words, the War Room is a draft tool to help you track where you are at any moment in a draft. It shows you if you have too many steals, homers… Or if your ERA or WHIP are too low. Or too high. Or if your lamb is still rare… Yeah, it’s Razzball, so they head in strange directions. Still a great tool for getting a feel for how to build a team.

Tips for Using Excel to Up Your Game

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