Winning Fantasy Baseball Auction Strategy for 2022

Get back to the roots of fantasy baseball!

Fantasy Baseball Drafts are great! You know what’s better? Fantasy Baseball Auctions! FSR scoured the far reaches of the world wide web to find the top source for fantasy baseball auction strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, fantasy baseball drafts are great and they offer plenty of opportunities to flex your mental muscles. Drafts, however, cannot compare to the intensity and challenges of the auction format. Every auction is unique, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. With a little help from that scrubbin’ bubbles dude, we’ve scoured the fantasy industry for the best articles focused on Fantasy Baseball Auction Strategy, so that you can take what you want from each and come away with your own master plan.

While you’re here, you should probably also check out our link page for Fantasy Baseball Auction Values.

While sometimes articles are of use only in a given season, many articles on auction strategy are timeless in nature and offer ideas that can be put into use at any time. With that in mind, we’ll include auction strategy links for 2021 as they emerge, but make sure you also check out some of the older ones further down the page. As always no matter how many corners we’ve looked in we probably missed some good sources of fantasy baseball auction strategy. Don’t be selfish. Share! Let us know in the comments below or drop us a line on our Link Submission Page.

Fantasy Baseball Auction Strategy for 2022

Whether it’s the lockout or the extreme cold weather, not many sites have produced any auction strategy pieces thus far. As draft season progresses we’ll add new content as it becomes available.

Auction Strategy from Previous Years

Also if you want to go into a little more depth with auction strategy as well as everything to do with winning at fantasy baseball, I highly recommend the book, Winning Fantasy Baseball: Secret Strategies of a Nine-Time National Champion, by Larry Schechter. This guy just wins and in this book goes over his basic auction strategies and talks about the challenges unique to mixed league auctions. Fantasy Sports Resource does get a portion of the sales if you buy from the link above, but no worries, it’s the same cost to you.

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