2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kits & Guides

Any site worth its salt puts out a fantasy baseball draft kit. Here’s an exhaustive list of the best we could find.

Draft season is like Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one for many of us. And one of the best ways to jump right in is to dig into one of the many fantasy baseball draft kits that start appearing in January. Which one is the best? That’s not for us to say. Why don’t you dig into a few below and let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

As always, if we’ve missed something you think needs to be here, let us know about it on our Link Submission page and we’ll make the addition in short order.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Kits for 2022

Sometimes you can get great information from the free draft packages that are out there, but the premium draft guides also have their pluses. Just to make things a little easier for you we’ve added a ($next to the draft kits that require a one-time payment or subscription.

It’s a somewhat short list right now, but we’ll keep adding new ones as they pop up. I would imagine things will really start kicking in once this lockout garbage is done.

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