Best Fantasy Baseball Draft Software for 2021

Winging it doesn’t work anymore! Get some Draft Software so you can focus on the big picture!

Let’s face it; it’s getting harder to win at fantasy baseball. In the past, you could almost guarantee a money finish simply by knowing the player pool and paying attention during the season. Now everybody’s got easy access to all the information they could ever want and even casual players know about a lot of the advanced stats that used to give us an advantage. There’s still one avenue to gain that advantage. Fantasy Baseball Draft Software not only feeds you great information when you need it most, but it automates many of the tasks on draft day, allowing you to focus your attention where it’s needed.

Not only can fantasy baseball draft software help you on draft day, but the best of them can be very valuable in your draft prep leading up to the big day. It’s traditionally been used for live in-person drafts and auctions, but smart owners are using it to help in online drafts as well.

Below are links to the top pieces of software dedicated to our beloved pastime.  If you know of some we’ve missed or if you think we got something wrong please let us know in the comments. We can’t possibly try each program, so your experiences are invaluable.

Best Fantasy Baseball Draft Software for 2021

Currently, the links below are to the 2020 versions. As things heat up in the new year we’ll update to their current versions.

  • Diamond Draft Fantasy Baseball Software $ – Do your research within the same software you’ll use for the draft. Plenty of categories to choose from and goes as deep into the player pool as any software out there.
  • Fantasy Sports Draft Buddy $ – Draft Buddy creates custom cheatsheets for your league and tracks your fantasy draft. Draft Buddy includes detailed player projections, prior year stats, numerous scoring options, rules and option settings to customize your cheatsheets. It also provides various draft tracking tools and reports to keep you organized and help you make the best draft-day decisions.
  • Fantistics Custom Cheat Sheets and Draft Advisor $ – Allows you to create custom rankings and cheat sheets and then put them into play in real drafts or in a mock draft simulator. Produces Rankings for Straight Draft Leagues and Auction Dollar Values for Auction/Salary Cap Leagues. Designed for Fantasy Point, Head to Head, and Rotisserie Leagues.
  • FantasyPros My Playbook $ – A suite of tools to help you get ready for draft day. FantasyPros puts the industry’s top experts to work for you. The Draft Assistant syncs directly with your drafts on Yahoo, ESPN and several other sites.
  • RotoChamp Fantasy Baseball Draft Software $ – It’s web-based so you’re covered on PC, MAC; Apple, Android; you name it. Custom rankings based on over 50 categories to choose from. Multiple projection systems to choose from (Steamer, CAIRO, RotoChamp, Composite, and others.
  • RotoLab Draft Software $ – RotoLab covers pretty much every aspect of preparing for your fantasy baseball draft or auction and then making Draft Day a huge success. It tracks all rosters and salaries, monitors projected stats for every team, and keeps you informed of where you stand in every category.
  • RotoWire Draft Software $ – Free with a subscription to RotoWire, their software allows for custom scoring in straight drafts or auctions. You can use their rankings and values or your own. This software is a bit unique in that it lets you run mock drafts.
  • Fantasy Baseball Auction Master (Free) This is my baby here. It’s an auction tracking tool that helps you stay on top of the salary and player needs for all teams in your league. It can handle up to 15 teams, and without bragging, I think it presents the information you need during an auction better than any of the other tools I’ve seen out there. It’s completely free right now. I may add some projections and values at some point and offer a premium version. The link above will take you to the file in my DropBox where you can download the file to your computer.

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