7 Top Sites for Fantasy Baseball Player News

Keep up with all the on-field happenings!

It’s a long season and knowledge is the key to staying on top. FantasySportsResource.com puts it right at the tips of your fingers with links to the very best sources for Fantasy Baseball Player News.

The fantasy baseball season is long, and while Draft Day may be the most important factor in your team’s success, you still have to manage your team to stay on top. That means keeping up with all the injuries, role changes, and prospect call-ups. Thankfully there’s a number of sites that specialize in fantasy baseball player news.

Though much of the news comes from just a few sources, there are also a few hidden gems that do their part to chip in.

Top Sites for Fantasy Baseball Player News

  • RotoWire MLB News – Half the MLB player news you see on the internet comes via RotoWire, so why not just get it directly. The basic news is free, but you have to subscribe to get their fantasy analysis.
  • RotoWorld MLB Player News Feed – I don’t always agree with the analysis, but they cover all key player news and I’m happy to make my own decisions.
  • FantasyPros Fantasy Baseball Player News – The volume is a bit lacking, but they cover all the things that need knowing and their fantasy takes seem pretty accurate.
  • RotoBaller Fantasy Baseball Player News – You can just read the quick take for the main idea or get much deeper analysis for each news item.
  • TG Fantasy Baseball – Here’s a hidden little gem. You can view all the MLB news or view by team.
  • CBS Sports MLB Player News – Their updates actually come from RotoWire, who have been in the player news business since there’s been the internet.
  • ESPN Player News – Yep, another site powered by RotoWire updates.

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