Fantasy Baseball Forums, Message Boards, and FaceBook Pages

You don’t have to be old school to like good old-fashioned fantasy baseball talk. Fantasy Sports Resource found the top places to scratch that itch.

It may seem old school, but many people still like to talk fantasy baseball or just baseball in general. Whether you’re looking for advice, want to get other takes on a trade, or just want to talk smack, it’s nice to be part of a community with like-minded people who won’t make fun of the outrageous amounts of time we put into this silly game. We should never be too busy to talk baseball!

Below are links to the best places we could find for good old fashioned fantasy baseball talk. We’ll never find them all, but we’ll do our best to highlight the most well-populated forums where you won’t hear the echo of your own voice.

Best Places for Fantasy Baseball Talk in 2022

  • Fantasy Baseball on Reddit – It can be a tough crowd on Reddit if you approach things the wrong way, but if you make a sincere effort to bring something to the fantasy table, you won’t find a more intelligent group of fantasy baseball enthusiasts anywhere.
  • Fantasy Baseball Cafe Forums – Though it’s not quite as hopping as it used to be, there’s still a lot of good fantasy baseball talk to be had. They also feature a classifieds section for those in search of a league.
  • Lenny Melnick Fantasy Baseball – This is the FaceBook home of the Legend himself. It’s a private group, but as of this writing has almost 1700 members. It’s one of the more active FaceBook pages that I’ve seen dedicated to fantasy and you’ll see many different viewpoints on a variety of topics.
  • Mastersball Fantasy Forum – A great forum populated by a lot of smart people including Mastersball founder Todd Zola. There’s a lot of advanced talk in here and if you’re looking to be your own expert, this is the place to start.
  • NFBC Message Boards – Great place to learn about the NFBC and its various contests. Also some pretty good discussion from people who aren’t afraid to lay their reputations on the line
  • Patton & Company – If you like talking fantasy baseball this site is for you. It’s basically a big message board that allows you to view the latest news and fantasy takes on any player you want. The site cultivates great conversations with some of the pioneers of fantasy baseball included.
  • Forums – If you like your fantasy baseball talk with an extra helping of humor then Razzball is the place to be. There’s plenty of interaction from Grey Albright and the other Razzball personalities as well. Just make sure you leave your feelings at home.
  • RotoWorld Fantasy Baseball Forums – With the popularity of RotoWorld Player News, it makes sense that many people stick around for fantasy baseball talk. They’ve divided their forums into logical categories and if you’re looking for a league to join, their League Finder Forum is a great place to start.
  • The Sleeper and the Bust Facebook Page – The Facebook page for the podcast by the same name featuring Paul Sporer and Justin Mason. You won’t get bombarded with useless messages, but you will hear some intelligent takes that just might help you.
  • Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Forums – With Yahoo maybe being the most populous fantasy sports platform, it should be no surprise that their forums are very active. It’s another great place to find a league to join or to find members if you’re starting your own league.

As always if there’s a place we missed let us know in the comments or shoot it out to us on our Link Submission Page. Keeping up with all the latest fantasy sports content is gonna take a group effort.

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