Should we be scared off by Jacob Degrom?

Post injury Fanasy outlook

KyleDPT presents the fantasy outlook on Jacob Degrom after his injury.

Earlier in my fantasy draft recap article I mentioned that an article would be upcoming regarding my concerns for Jacob Degrom as to why I avoided him in he first round of drafts and how he is injury prone and yada yada yada. Well…

Should we be scared off by Jacob Degrom?

The Injury

Last week it was announced that Jacob Degrom would be put on the shelf for a couple of weeks due to shoulder inflammation pending his MRI which was later reported to have shown a “scapular stress reaction.” This may be a bit of a classic understated reporting from the medical staff and Mets in order to keep that precious fan optimism.

This stress fracture of the scapula is most likely a glenoid bankart lesion which would be due to repetitive shoulder subluxations secondary to shoulder instability. Essentially as the shoulder goes back into a cocking motion as seen below, the shoulder joint shifts forward, putting pressure on the biceps, lat and and to some extent the subscapularus and pec muscles.

Last year Jacob Degrom missed time with a lat injury showing this instability has been an ongoing issue. If these soft tissues are unable to hold back the anterior movement of the humeral head, it will impact or even sublux over the glenohumeral ridge, which can lead to bone reaction changes which is likely what is the problem. This instability will often cause issues at the medial elbow like UCL issues, which Degrom has had issues with as well. He also likely had some underlying labral pathology which you can read more about in my Jack Flaherty article. So while the Mets may not say it, this is a white flag letting us know that the mechanics have not changed.

Jacon deGrom Injury

The outlook

This has been an ongoing thing for Degrom to hit the IL due to shoulder and throwing issues, and there is a trend. He had the low back issue a few years ago and since then has been having issues in his shoulder, likely due to changing his mechanics to prevent further back issues leading to him to have to rely more on his shoulder to create his high velocity. This is the negatives that come with high-velocity pitchers as they get more innings under their belt. I do not believe this will be the end for Jacob Degrom’s troubles. When he is out there he will continue to produce at a Cy Young pace but he will continue to have issues staying healthy unless he does a complete overhaul on his mechanics. If you have not drafted yet, I would place Degrom into the same category as Kershaw. In roto leagues, these guys continue to have value, especially if you have multiple IL spots as they continue to give quality innings when they take the mound. In head to head leagues, I would avoid Degrom and instead look to more reliable pitchers, even if you have to take a dip in quality. The one thing I will say is that it will be hard to find pitchers that are reliable this season with the short ramp up. For strategy, it may be wise to lean hitter heavy in the first few rounds and find pitching bulk on the back end and hope for the best. But at minimum avoid the pitchers who have a bad history of injuries. While it may take a change in mechanics to prevent these issues from continuing to happen to Degrom, the question is, do we want them to when it has made him elite?

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