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Go beyond the big boys for your fantasy baseball analysis. Fantasy Sports Resource hooks you up with the top fantasy baseball sites in existence. Why go to them when we can bring them to you?

While many fantasy baseball players stick to the big box sites of ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS for their fantasy baseball analysis, there’s a small army of fantasy baseball sites that take things deeper and in all kinds of different directions.

Below is an exhaustive list of all the fantasy baseball sites in existence… Now, you know that’s not true! Ok, it’s a list of all the sites we could find that seem to be current and still pumping out content.

We’ve listed the sites in alphabetical order and included a quick note about each site, but the reality is that there’s not enough time in my day to fully vet every site.  If we get something wrong or you have something to add, by all means, let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page.

*Not included in this list are all the sites dedicated to Fantasy Baseball Prospects Analysis.

Top Sites for Fantasy Baseball Analysis

I’d be remiss if I didn’t start this list of fantasy baseball sites with a huge shout-out to Fantasy Rundown. They’ve been serving up fantasy goodness for a long time now and it should be one of your first stops each morning when you’re looking for dependable fantasy baseball analysis. Fantasy Rundown is what I hope this site can be when it grows up.

  • Ask Rotoman – Ran by some pioneers of the industry, Ask Rotoman delivers on personal advice but offers a whole lot more. The site design is basic, but the information within is top-notch.
  • – Ron Shandler, the founder of Baseball HQ and a pioneer in the industry has started his own venture and as you would expect, it’s good and it’s unique. Much of the content is subscription-based, but there’s enough free fantasy baseball analysis to let you see what it’s about.
  • BaseballHQ – They’ve been here since the beginning and they’re still one of the best. Much of their content is behind a paywall, but it does seem like a little more free content seems to be leaking out lately.
  • Baseball Prospectus – The innovators of advanced stats do fantasy pretty good as well. Much of their content is behind a paywall, but some of the tools can be accessed for free and there are a lot worse ways to spend $45.95 a year.
  • Bleacher Report – It’s basically a Twitter feed of fantasy baseball news with some original Bleacher Report tossed in. A little bit limited in value, but worth a quick scan once in awhile.
  • CBS Sports – CBS isn’t just for league admin. They’ve built a pretty nice content machine as well. They offer a ton of tools, plenty of analysis, and a nice clean interface that makes things easy to find.
  • ESPN Fantasy Baseball – Though they don’t have as full a content lineup as you might expect, they do bring in some of the best analysts in the business to do the heavy lifting. They’ve got some really good free content and more quality stuff in the ESPN Insider if you’re willing to pay the $4.99 a month.
  • Fake Teams – A part of SB Nation, Fake Teams offers the consistent quality content you would expect. They don’t offer much in the way of stats or tools, but they cover every base as far as analysis goes.
  • FanGraphs – We all know about their advanced stats and all the pretty graphs, but if you’re not aware of their fantasy-based content then you’re missing out. Their RotoGraphs section really helps you put those advanced stats into action.
  • Fantasy Alarm – What started as a service to alert you to news about your fantasy team, has turned into a premium content machine. Much of the site is subscription-based, but you can grab a free look every now and then.
  • Fantasy Fix – There’s a limited flow of content, but what they do, they do well. Haven’t seen anything from these guys in 2022 but I’d keep an eye on this site during draft season when many sites really amp things up.
  • FantasyProsIncredible tools and a lot of nice content. They’ve done a lot to bring the fantasy community together
  • Fantasy Six Pack – Solid fantasy baseball analysis with a lot of traditional fantasy fare along with an increasing amount of DFS content.
  • Fantasy SP – The SP stands for Sports Portal and that’s basically what it is. They collect a lot of useful information, but it’s their tools that interest me. Let me know what you think of their MLB Trade Analyzer and Start/Sit tool in the comments below.
  • FantraxHQ Fantasy Baseball – A nice mix of solid analytical content with a healthy dose of pure fantasy fun. All the content is free and you can always appreciate a site that emphasizes baseball just as much as football.
  • Insider Baseball – Powered by Fantistics, a very highly regarded fantasy baseball software, Insider Baseball offers a nice lineup of the traditional weekly articles and some very nice tools as you might expect.
  • Fantasy – Not a ton of original fantasy content, but what they do is done right. Their prospect based content is especially helpful.
  • Mr. Cheatsheet – A hidden gem that is a gold mine of information for your fantasy baseball draft prep. As you might have gathered by the name of the site, cheatsheets are the bread and butter, but these aren’t just lists or rankings of players.Each cheat sheet is a piece of fantasy baseball draft software in its own right. He’s got you covered for draft, auction, and points league formats.
  • Patton & Company – If you like old-fashioned baseball talk, this is one of the fantasy baseball sites you should be stopping by on a regular basis. It’s basically a big message board that allows you to view the latest news and fantasy takes on any player you want. The site cultivates great conversations with some of the pioneers of fantasy baseball included.
  • Pitcher List – They’re relatively new to the scene, but man do I like the way they do things. They offer as full a slate of content as anybody and some of the best strategy-based content I’ve seen.
  • Razzball – If you like your analysis with a healthy helping of attitude then this is the place for you.  There’s a lot of great analysis and awesome tools hidden behind the pop culture and outrageous takes.
  • Reddit – I’m not sure this qualifies as a fantasy baseball site, but that’s just semantics. There’s a ton of great information in there from a lot of smart people. If you’re looking for that community take on fantasy baseball, Reddit should be one of your first stops.
  • RotoFanatic – A bunch of guys who wrote for other sites decided to start their own site… and it’s working! They offer plenty of solid analysis and are building a nice set of tools for Statcast and other advanced metrics. Great site. Looking forward to seeing what they do over the next few years.
  • RotoProfessor – As far as I know, RotoProfessor is a one-man show, so the steady flow of content is certainly impressive. His ’10 Important Stories’ series is especially helpful for staying on top of the latest news that affects our fantasy teams.
  • RotoWire – Back in the early days of the internet, there was a site called RotoNews, which was like a miracle for anyone who played fantasy baseball at the time. All it did was simply give the most up-to-date info on MLB players so that fantasy baseball managers would be in the know. They changed their name to RotoWire (crazy story, ask Peter Schoenke) and quickly grew into one of the best fantasy baseball (and every other sport) sites in existence. Most of their content is behind a pay wall, but they certainly add some credence to the phrase, “you get what you pay for.”
  • SI Fantasy – Previously this was FullTime Fantasy, but now it seems they’ve joined forces with Sports Illustrated. In the past this site was mostly subscription-based. We’ll have to see how things shake out after the big move.
  • Smart Fantasy Baseball – If you’re looking for expert analysis on players or strategy there’s not a lot. If instead, you’re looking for the tools and know-how to become your own fantasy baseball expert, then there may be no better place!
  • TG Fantasy Baseball – You never really hear about this site, but don’t let the 1990’s looking interface fool you. They bring a lot to the game, including some great tools for your draft prep.
  • The Athletic – Yeah, it seems like the idea is working! I’m not sure there’s a better sports value around. The fantasy baseball coverage comes with your subscription and just like for their traditional sports content, they’ve hired some of the top people in the business.
  • TriplePlayFantasy – As the name implies they cover three sports (MLB, NFL, NBA). They offer plenty of rankings and projections, have some great podcasts, and have interviewed several high-profile athletes.
  • Yahoo! Fantasy Sports – One of the original players in the fantasy game, Yahoo! doesn’t seem to offer as much content as they used to, but it’s still a good place to drop in on, especially for draft prep.

We’ve done our best to make sure this list of sites for fantasy baseball analysis is up to date. As we say here a lot though, this site doesn’t thrive without your help.

If we’ve missed something or gotten something wrong, let us know in the comments below. Just be gentle, we worked really hard on this and we cry easily.

* If you run one of the fantasy baseball sites linked above and want to submit changes to our linking or related comments, please use our Contact Page. We want to present your site in the best light possible.

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