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Ready to get your prospects fix? Come get all the rankings and scouting reports you can handle!

It used to be you could almost ignore the minor leagues unless you were in a deep keeper or dynasty league. Not so much anymore. It seems like multiple rookies come up every year and have huge impacts. With so much information and statistical analysis freely available,  getting to know the potential impact MLB prospects might be the last place left to really gain an advantage over your competition.

The links below are links to sites that feature a sizeable collection of information focused on MLB prospects. If you’re not interested in all the discussion you can cut right to the chase and head on over to our post dedicate solely to MLB Prospect Rankings. We’ve also dedicated a post to the top analysts to follow for information on MLB Prospects.

Go-To Sites for MLB Prospects Analysis

The links below are listed in so certain order. Peruse them at your pleasure and let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • MLB Pipeline – MLB’s official home of prospect coverage, the Pipeline is not specifically focused on fantasy, but their coverage overlaps with most every prospect fantasy owners need to know about. They offer plenty of analysis and rankings by team and position as well as their highly touted Top 100.
  • FantraxHQ MLB Prospects – The content arm of, FantraxHQ prospect content is headed up by Eric Cross and Chris Clegg, who go as deep as anyone in the industry. They uses a nice blend of analytics and old-fashioned scouting to provide realistic projections for most every fantasy-relevant prospect. And of course, you can get their prospect rankings by team, position, and probably astrological sign.
  • Razzball Fantasy Baseball Prospects – Like your prospects analysis with a touch of attitude? Or maybe a truckload? Razzball uses plenty of analytics to back up their analysis and you’ll be cracking up at least once in every article.
  • Prospects Live – Prospects Live pride themselves on the perfect blend of scouting and fantasy. They offer lists and rankings galore and a healthy dose of graphics to illustrate what’s going on with each prospect.  Their site is also very clean and simple to navigate, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. They don’t post as frequently as I’d like, but when they do it’s worth the read.
  • FanGraphs Prospects – Like everything else on FanGraphs, their prospect coverage is top-notch. Eric Longenhagen does much of the heavy lifting, but they’ve got quite a few excellent writers on the prospect beat.
  • Imaginary Brick Wall – Pretty new site run by Michael Halpern, with a ton of rankings for everything related to dynasty and fantasy baseball prospects.
  • Pitcher List Prospect Rankings – Where have these guys been all my life? I’m not exactly sure when Pitcher List started up, but they do things the right way and their prospect coverage is no different. They use a variety of metrics in their analysis, but it’s all done in a nice clean format that even casual fans can understand.
  • Prospect 361 – I wasn’t initially sure what the 361 was for, then I saw the little degrees symbol in their logo. I guess the implication is that they cover prospects full circle and then some.  Though they focus on prospect-related content, they also delve into traditional fantasy fare as well. You definitely want to make sure and catch Rich Wilson and Tim Mcleod on P361 Fantasy Baseball Live.
  • Prospects365 – So they just go four degrees more than Prospect 361? Nope. They just focus on MLB prospects 365 days a year. Prospects 365 is new to the scene, just getting their start in 2017,  They are more traditional than fantasy, but they break down each prospect completely so you can make an educated conversion to fantasy.
  • The Dynasty Guru Prospect Talk – As the name suggests, they deal in all things dynasty. Of course, prospects are a big part of that. They offer plenty of rankings as well, but I particularly like their prospect updates that help us keep track of just how our favorite prospects are doing, and maybe alert us about a few we didn’t know about.
  • Prospects 1500 – These guys go as deep as any site I know. They feature at least one correspondent for each MLB organization and as you can imagine, the content flows freely. They are not fantasy focused, but if you’re looking to stay updated on any player with a shot at reaching the Bigs, then this site should be a regular stop.
  • Rotoprofessor Prospects – The RotoProfessor is a one-man show. The bulk of his content is focused on the big league level, but there’s a fair amount of information on top MLB prospects as well. Best of all, it’s all fantasy-focused, so we don’t have to worry about being deluged with news of Buddy Biancalana Jr. … And no I’m not sure there’s even such a person.
  • Baseball America – Much of their content is behind a paywall, but there’s no way any post about MLB prospects would be complete without these guys.
  • RotoWire Farm Futures –  Another pay site, but as with everything from RotoWire, you definitely get your money’s worth. James Anderson knows his stuff as well as anyone and it’s all done with fantasy in mind.
  • Fantasy Alarm Prospect Report – It’s behind a paywall and I’m not familiar with Matthew Selz who handles their prospect content. If you are, leave your thoughts in the comments below.  Fantasy Alarm does quality work, so I’m sure this is in that same vein.
  • Player FM Prospects Podcasts – Not sure who curates this list, but if you’d rather get your prospect fix in the form of a podcast, then you need to check this page out. You can thank me later… PayPal works.
  • MLB Prospect News from Bleacher Report – Basically they’ve taken some of their content and mixed in a heavy dose of Twitter posts to provide a pretty nice amalgam of prospect-related content. Basically, they’re doing what I do here, except I do it better and I’m infinitely better looking.
  • RotoBaller MLB Prospects – As usual, if RotoBaller tackles a topic, they blanket it well. There are plenty of prospect rankings here for both dynasty and season-long formats.


Did I get something wrong? Or maybe I missed a site? Let me know your favorite sources of information on MLB Prospects in the comments below or if you’d rather spare my fragile self-esteem, head on over to our Link Submission page and hit me up there.

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